Tuesday, February 14, 2012

in the words of styx: i'm saaaaiiliiinnnggg awaaayyy...

Aaaaannnd we're back!

Imma keep this simple... It's been a while since I've posted my last blog (6 months, eepers!). You can say I've had lack of inspiration, been too busy... or let's face it: just damn lazy. But enough with the excuses! I'm going to start this brand-spankin-new blog entry with a bang: The Weezer Cruise 2012!!! That's right folks... cruising is not for the oldies anymore, you've got a whole new crop of cruisers, the young and hip. Haven't you heard? Music cruises is the new black! Better jump on this train, er, boat, before it goes outta style! Okay... enough with that. I had a BLAST, plain and simple. And wouldn't you know it? I didn't even get sea sick. Must be a sign that I just gotta do this again...

So this cruising adventure began with one of my besties. We met up at the Miami airport the evening before the cruise, we've never been to Miami before and unfortunately we didn't have time to explore. As soon as we dropped off our stuff at our hotel, we hit South Beach for a late dinner at Maya Tapas & Grill...

Weezer Cruise on Carnival Destiny January 19-23, 2012

Don't mind me... just goofing off with someone's cabin door (a makeshift Facebook wall) lol!

Weezer live shows: the sail away concert on the lido deck was the coolest thing. Just imagine the ocean as the backdrop while the sun is setting, there's no other venue in the world that could capture that!

80s Prom Night

Games and Q & A

Port of Cozumel, Mexico and Paradise Beach

Food & Drinks!

The oh-so-adorable towel animals (thanks to our Indonesian room steward, Marcus)!

The sunrise as we sailed back to port in Miami...

And last but not least... our photo with Weezer!

For a detailed review of our entire trip, please check out my friend's post on the Weezer forums and Weezer.com for official cruise photos. Till next post... keep it cruisin'! ;) Hehehe!